Two twin families decided that after a long time professional activity in Wrocław, they want to return to Oleśnica (a city situated 30 km from the capital of Lower Silesia). The building plot was bought together by the families and was supposed to hold two houses – one story each with the same combination of rooms and usable area around 140 m². The local plan included buildings rectangular in shape, with symmetrical gabled roof, with roof pitch around 30° and 45°. To avoid creating useless volume in the attic, the building was designed tent-like, pinned down to the ground, where only rooms, bigger bathrooms and kitchens deform the roof surface by the bay windows. This perfect symmetrical house says by itself, that in fact, it is created by two houses. The clear ridge, where all of installation exits are located, is extended both ways by wooden frames. Vegetation can go up there, thus creating privacy in the entry areas and on the terraces. Lots of my visual inspirations can be seen in this project like the local architecture, antique building museum, with uncluttered roofs houses, American ship Sea Shadow and traditional Japanese architecture. Even though the new building is quite different for the neighbourhood, paradoxically, as the only one respects the local plan.